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Cherry's Adamo 10033 E. Adamo Drive, Brandon, FL, 33619
    SpicySpicy Dish  Veggie Vegetarian Dish Gluten Free Gluten Free

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All drinks are served at room temperature. Bags of ice can be sold separately.
Bottle Water (12 Pack)

$8.99   Bottle Water (6 Pack)

$4.99   Bottle Water (Single)

Diet Pepsi (12 Pack)

$8.99   Diet Pepsi (6 Pack)

$4.99   Diet Pepsi (Can)

Mist Twist (12 Pack)

$8.99   Mist Twist (6 Pack)

$4.99   Mist Twist (Can)

Mountain Dew (12 Pack)

$8.99   Mountain Dew (6 Pack)

$4.99   Mountain Dew (Can)

Pepsi (12 Pack)

$8.99   Pepsi (6 Pack)

$4.99   Pepsi (Can)

Basket of Fries

$5.00   Chicken Quesadillas

Served with lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream.
$12.00   Chili- Bowl

Chili- Cup

$5.00   Chips & Queso

$8.00   Fried Mozzarella

Hand breaded served w/ marinara.
Mountain of Nachos

Nachos covered w/ chili, cheese, lettuce, diced tomatoes, onions, jalapenos & sour cream.
$12.00   Onion Rings

Served with a side of honey dijon.
$9.50   Potato Skins

w/ tomatoes, cheese and bacon
Pulled Pork Nachos

Nachos covered w/pulled pork, melted Gouda cheese, red cabbage, tomatoes & scallions.
$12.00   Sampler Platter

Taste them all - onion rings, chicken fingers, fried cheese and potato skins.
$15.00   Soup of the Day- Bowl

Soup of the Day- Cup

$4.00   Steak Nachos

Nachos covered w/ steak, melted Gouda cheese, red cabbage and tomatoes.
$12.00   Steak Quesadillas

Served with lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream.
Served w/ fries, steamed veggies, potato salad, cole slaw, or mashed potatoes
Blackened Chicken Philly

Sauteed mushrooms, onions, green peppers, melted provolone cheese
$11.00   Buffalo Chicken

Fried and tossed in wing sauce, lettuce, provolone cheese
$10.50   Buffalo Chicken Gouda Sandwich

Sliced Chicken, melted Gouda, Buffalo mayo, lettuce, tomatoes
Chicken Sandwich

Grilled or Blackened lettuce, tomato and mayo
$10.50   Corned Beef Reuben

cooked low and slow, 1000 island, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese
$10.50   Cuban

ham, salami,pork, swiss, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard & pickle
Iowa Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

Pork batteered and fried w/ lettuce, tomatoe, mayo, mustard, onions, American cheese
$10.50   Jimmy C's Clubber

turkey, ham, bacon, american cheese, mayo, lettuce & tomato
$10.50   Mahi Mahi

Blackened or Grilled lettuce, tomato and mayo
Philly Beef

Sliced beef w/ sauteed onions, green peppers, mushrooms & provolone
$11.00   Prime Rib Sandwich

Medium rare Prime Rib, sauteed onions, melted provolone
$11.50   Pulled Pork Sandwich

Slow cooked, piled high and served with a side of BBQ and pickle chips
Smoked Brisket

We smoke it, pickles, BBQ sauce
$11.00   Spicy Smoked Pork Sandwich

Pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, Buffalo mayo, lettuce, tomatoes
$10.50   Turkey Reuben

Smoked turkey, swiss, Russian dressing, topped w/ sauerkraut on grilled rye bread
Served w/ fries, steamed veggies, potato salad, mashed potatoes, or coleslaw. Add bacon $.50
Blue Cheese Burger

Crumbled blue cheese, bacon, lettuce & mayo
$11.00   Buffalo Burger

Topped w/ Blue Cheese, Hot Wing Sauce, lettuce and mayo
$11.00   Creamy Garlic Burger

Garlic cream cheese, bacon, grilled onions, Swiss
Gorgonzola Burger

Melted Gorgonzola, sundried tomatoes, lettuce and mayo
$11.00   Mushroom Provolone Burger

Sauteed mushrooms & provolone cheese w/ lettuce & mayo
$11.00   Patty Melt Burger

1/2 pound burger smothered w/swiss, grilled onions & Russian dressing
Pepper Jack Burger

Sauteed mushrooms, pepperjack cheese, mayo, mustard & pickles
$11.00   Smoked Gouda Burger

Smoked Gouda cheese, Bacon, mushrooms, lettuce, mayo
$11.00   Texas Burger

Grilled onions, BBQ sauce, bacon & American cheese
The Big One

1/2 pound burger w/ American cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onions & pickles (Add bacon $0.50)
Asian Chicken Salad

Grilled chicken breast tossed in teriyaki glaze atop a bed of lettuce, tomato & asian noodles served w/ sesame vinaigrette.
$11.00   Bacon Cheeseburger Salad

1/2 pound burger, on a bed of lettuce, w/ bacon, American cheese, diced onion, tomato & pickles
$11.00   Chicken Caesar Salad

Crisp romaine lettuce w/ caesar dressing & croutons. Excellent Blackened!
Chicken Feta Salad

Feta cheese, tomato, cucumbers & croutons atop a bed of lettuce. Served with greek dressing
$11.00   Chicken Salad

Grilled or Blackened chicken atop a bed of lettuce w/tomato, eggs, cheese, croutons & cucumbers
$11.00   El Paso Chicken Salad

Blackened chicken atop a bed of lettuce w/ tomato, cucumber, cheese, corn-pepper blend, chipotle BBQ & crispy tortilla strips
Mahi Mahi Salad

Bed of Romaine, tomato, cucumber. Select Grilled or Blackened
$12.00   Salmon

Grilled or Blackened W/Romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers
$12.00   Sirloin Salad

Sirloin atop a bed of lettuce w/tomato, eggs, cheese, croutons & cucumbers
Served with Blue cheese & celery. Extra sauce is 50 Cents
10 Wings

$10.00   20 Wings

$18.00   50 Wings

Boneless Wings

Served with fries, steamed veggies, potato salad cole slaw, or mashed potatoes
Buffalo Wrap

Grilled or Fried chicken tossed in wing sauce w/ lettuce, tomato & crumbled blue cheese
$10.50   Cheeseburger Wrap

1/2 pound burger w/ American cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato, pickle & mayo
$10.50   Chicken Caesar Wrap

Marinated chicken, romaine & caesar dressing. Excellent Blackened!
Prime Rib Wrap

Prime rib, med rare, with lettuce, tomatoes, provolone, horseradish sauce
$10.50   Pulled Pork Wrap

Pulled Pork, BBQ sauce, shredded Cheddar cheese and Coleslaw
$10.50   Southwest Chipotle Chicken Wrap

Lettuce, tomato, cheddar, corn-pepper blend, w/spicy chipotle mayo
Served with a salad and garlic bread unless noted.
8 OZ Filet

8 oz. of center cut, aged beef, grilled w/ fries
$18.00   Chicken Finger Platter

w/Fries cole slaw and honey mustard
$13.00   Chicken Fingers

Comes with a side of fries and coleslaw
Fresh Salmon

Grilled or Blackened, you choice side
$13.00   Fried Chicken

Mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and garlic bread
$15.00   Meatloaf

Mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and garlic bread
Rib Platter

Hickory smoked baby back ribs w/ fries and cole slaw
Chocolate Brownie Sunday

$4.95   Dessert of the day

Kids Menu
Kids 5 Wings

$6.50   Kids Cheesburger

$6.50   Kids Chicken Fingers

Kids Grilled Cheese

$6.50   Kids Mac n Cheese

10LB Bag of Ice

$3.75   Cups

$0.15   DSD Special


$0.15   Serving Spoon

$0.50   Utensil Packet

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