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Allegria Italiana Ristorante 18 Oakfield Dr, Brandon, FL, 33511
    SpicySpicy Dish  Veggie Vegetarian Dish Gluten Free Gluten Free

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All drinks are served at room temperature. Bags of ice can be sold separately.
Bottle Water (12 Pack)

$8.99   Bottle Water (6 Pack)

$4.99   Bottle Water (Single)

Diet Pepsi (12 Pack)

$8.99   Diet Pepsi (6 Pack)

$4.99   Diet Pepsi (Can)

Mist Twist (12 Pack)

$8.99   Mist Twist (6 Pack)

$4.99   Mist Twist (Can)

Mountain Dew (12 Pack)

$8.99   Mountain Dew (6 Pack)

$4.99   Mountain Dew (Can)

Pepsi (12 Pack)

$8.99   Pepsi (6 Pack)

$4.99   Pepsi (Can)

Baked Clams Oreganata

Little neck Clams stuffed with oreganata breading, baked, and served with lemon
$10.00   Bruschetta Toscana

Grilled rustic Italian bread with olive oil and garlic, topped with fresh chopped tomatoes, fresh basil and red onion
$7.00   Calamaretti Fritti

Golden fried Calamari-tentacles and tubes, served with Marinara sauce.

Sliced Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, drizzle of Olive Oil with basil and balsamic vinaigrette
$10.00   Eggplant Rollantini

Rolled Eggplant stuffed w/ Riccotta, Mozzarella, and Parmesan. Topped with Marinara.
$10.00   HotAntipasto for 2

Shrimp Oreganata, stuffed Mushrooms, baked Clams, and Eggplant Rollatini w/ Marinara Sauce
Mozzarella in Carozza

Breaded mozzarella golden fried and served w/ Marinara and pesto
$7.00   Shrimp Picante

Shrimp in garlic white wine and spicy sauce
$13.00   Zuppa Di Vongole

Fresh Little Clams in garlic white wine and tomato brodetto with fresh basil
Soup and Salad
Bietola Salad

Red beets, goat cheese, toasted almonds with raspberry dressing
$9.00   Caesar Salad

$8.00   Mixed Green Salad

Pasta E Fagioli Soup

Flatbread Pizza
Pepperoni Flatbread

Tomato sauce, Mozzarella, and sliced Pepperoni
$10.00   Rustica Flatbread

Mozzarella, Italian Sausage, sun dried Tomatoes, broccoli, black Olives
$12.00   Veggie Flatbread

Mozzarella, ricotta cheese, roasted peppers, mushrooms, garlic, basil
Classic Light Pasta
Linguine Aglio & Olio

Roasted garlic and extra virgin olive oil over linguini.
$12.00   Spagetti with Meatballs

Classic Tomato sauce with homemade Meatballs
$15.00   Spaghetti Al Pomodoro E Basilico

A classic light fresh tomato sauce with fresh basil
Classic Parmigiana Dishes
Chicken Parmigiana

Pan fried breaded Chicken cutlet topped with our marinara sauce and melted Mozzarella. Served with spaghetti
$19.00   Eggplant Parmigiana

Fried Eggplant topped with our delicious marinara sauce and melted Mozzarella. Served with spaghetti
$18.00   Veal Parmigiana

Pan fried breaded Veal cutlet topped with our marinara sauce and melted Mozzarella. Served with spaghetti
Traditional Pasta Dishes
Baked Rigatoni

Classic rigatoni with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and ricotta cheese
$14.00   Fettuccini Alfredo

Fettuccine pasta tossed with an Asiago garlic cream sauce
$14.00   Fettuccini Alla Giovanna

Fresh fettuccine with Grilled Chicken, Broccoli, sun dried Tomatoes, garlic and white wine, in parmesan cream sauce
Gnocchi Al Formaggi E Spinaci

Homemade potato Dumplings with Spinach, Gorgonzola Cheese, Provolone, and Parmesan cream sauce
$15.00   Gnocchi Bolognese

Homemade potato dumplings in a ragout of beef, red wine, and tomato sauce with Parmesan cheese
$14.00   Gnocchi Sorrentino

Homemade Potato Dumplings with house made Tomato sauce, melted Mozzarella, fresh basil, and Parmesan
Lasagna Di Carne

Classic layered pasta with Ragu of veal and pork, Tomatoes, Ricotta, Mozzarella, and parmesan Cheese
$15.00   Linguine Carbonara

Flat spaghetti with Pancetta Bacon, roasted garlic, onions, Egg, and parmesan cream sauce
$14.00   Linguine Vongole

Whole and chopped Clams in a white wine or red sauce over linguine
Linguine with Calamari Fradiavolo

Fresh sauteed Calamari in a Spicy or Mild Marinara sauce with fresh basil over Linguine.
$18.00   Linguine with Shrimp Scampi

Lemon wine sauce over linguine pasta
$19.00   Penne Ala Vodka

Penne pasta with shallots, a cream pink sauce of prosciutto ham, vodka, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese
Penne Ala Vodka with Shrimp

Penne pasta with shallots, a cream pink sauce of prosciutto ham, vodka, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese
Grilled Pollo con Salsiccia

Grilled Chicken Breast and Italian Sausage. Served with sauteed spinach and potato croquettes.
$19.00   Pork Chop Capricciosa

Center cut Pork Chop pounded, breaded, and pan fried. Topped with chopped fresh tomatoes, onion garlic, and basil salad
$19.00   Salmone Primavera

Broiled Norwegian Salmon filet with assorted Olives, red Onions, capers, fresh plum Tomatoes, in a white wine sauce. Served with roasted vegetables and potato croquettes
Veal Piccatine

Tender Veal Scaloppini with capers in a delicate lemon wine sauce. Served with roasted vegetables and potatoes croquette
$20.00   Veal Saltinbocca

Veal Scaloppini topped with Prosciutto ham and sage leaf in butter wine sauce. Served with roasted Vegetables and potato croquettes
Kids Menu
Kids Cheese Ravioli w/Marinara and Parmesan

$8.00   Kids Chicken Tenders w/Fries

$8.00   Kids Spaghetti w/ Meat Ball

Kids Spaghetti w/ Tomato sauce

Rice Bowl - entree served with steamed white or brown rice (+1.00) Noodle Bowl -entree served over seasoned mini-udon or lo mein Bento Box - steamed rice, lo mein, ginger salad, and string beans
Broccoli Sauteed

$5.00   Meatballs Sid

$6.00   Potato Croquette

Sausages Side

$6.00   Stuffed Mushrooms

Cannoli Siciliani

$4.00   Chocolate Cake

$6.00   Lemon Sorbet

Limoncello Mascarpone

$6.00   Strawberry Cheesecake

$6.00   Tiramisu

10LB Bag of Ice

$3.75   Cups

$0.15   DSD Special


$0.15   Serving Spoon

$0.50   Utensil Packet

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