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Oishi Sushi & Hibachi 615 Channelside Drive 204A, Tampa, FL, 33602
    SpicySpicy Dish  Veggie Vegetarian Dish Gluten Free Gluten Free

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Oishi Appetizers
Bacon Asparagus Maki

Pan-fried, thinly sliced beef rounded onto asparagus glazed with teriyaki sauce
$9.35   Chicken Karaage

Deep-fried chicken with our ponzu sauce
$7.15   Edamame

Boiled and lightly salted soy beans
Gyoza App

Pan-fried Japanese Dumpling
$7.15   Scallop Bacon

Pan-seared sea scallop topped on pieces of bacon with spicy mayo and eel sauce
$12.65   Shrimp Tempura

Lightly battered, shrimps served with traditional tentsuyu dipping sauce
Tuna Tartar Wonton

Diced rare tuna glazed with olive oil, wasabi, red pepper, avocado, jalapeno, and lime juice top on crispy wonton.
Baby octopus

Tasty baby octopus in red vinegar
$7.15   Cucumber Salad

Thinly sliced cucumber with sweet vinegar sauce
$6.05   Oishi Salad

Springs mix, lettuce, carrot, and tomatoes served with ginger-peanut dressing
Seaweed Salad

Marinated seaweed salad
Oishi Entree
Chicken Katsu Curry Rice

Battered chicken topped with tradition japanese curry in glazed thick sauce
$13.20   Chicken Teriyaki

Grilled chicken glazed with teriyaki sweet sauce served with white rice
$13.20   Pork Katsu Curry Rice

Battered pork topped with tradition japanese curry in glazed thick sauce
Udon Noodle Bowl

Udon noodle with vegetable and shrimp tempura in soy base soup with carrot bok choy and scallion
$14.25   Yaki Udon

Pan fried round wheat noodle with vegetables and chose of beef or chicken
Dinner served with Miso soup, fresh oriental salad, Hibachi Vegetables, fried rice and Oishi stir fried noodle.
Chicken & Ribeye Hibachi

$24.20   Chicken & Shrimp Hibachi

$22.00   Chicken & Steak Hibachi

Chicken & Tenderloin Hibachi

$26.40   Chicken Tender Hiabchi

$17.60   Lobster Meat Hibachi

Ribeye Hibachi

$24.20   Scallop & Steak Hibachi

$29.70   Scallop Hibachi

Shrimp & Steak Hibachi

$25.30   Shrimp & Tenderloin Hibachi

$28.60   Shrimp Hibachi

Steak Hibachi

$20.90   Tenderloin Hibachi

Sushi Dinner
Served with soup and salad. No substitutions

Thin sliced variety of fish and vegetables on a bed of sushi rice bowl
$15.40   Love Boat (For 2)

12 pieces of sushi, 18 pieces of sashimi, California roll and Spicy tuna roll
$57.20   Maki Dinner

Veggie roll, Salmon roll, California roll
Party Boat (For 4)

15 pieces of sushi, 24 pieces of sashimi, California roll, Rainbow roll & Spicy tuna roll
$71.50   Sushi & Sashimi

7 pieces of Sushi, 9 pieces of sashimi & Spicy tuna roll
$27.50   Sushi A

7 peices assorted nigiri and spicy tuna roll
Sushi B

9 peices assorted sushi and california roll
$16.50   Tekkadon

10 pieces thin sliced tuna on a bed of vinaigrette rice
$19.80   Tuna Lover

5 pieces of tuna sushi, 2 pieces of tuna sashimi, 2 pieces of white tuna sashimi and Crunchy spicy tuna roll
Classic & Tempura Rolls
No substitutions
Alaska Roll

Shrimp tempua avocado, asparagus, topped with snow crab delight
$12.05   Boston Roll

Snow crab with sweet chili sauce, cucumber, avocado, dried shallot on top with spicy mayo
$9.85   California Masago (Smelt Roe)

Crab avocado cucumber
California Roll Sesame

Crab avaocado cucumber
$6.55   Calypso Roll

Crab salad, asparagus, topped with torched snapper with cilantro and sesame soy sauce
$9.35   Caterpillar Roll

Crabstick tempura, asparagus, cucumber topped with avocado
Channelside Roll

Snapper tempura topped with yellowtail
$12.05   Crispy Roll

Crabstick, cream cheese, asparagus, topped with spicy mayo
$10.45   Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll

Dynamite Roll

Seafood chopped with asparagus, scallion topped with spicy crab salad, mayo & eel sauce
$12.05   Eel Roll

Avocado, masago, eel sauce
$9.85   Futomaki Roll

Crabstick, Tamago, Kampyo, Asparagus, cucumber, pickle radish
Hamachi Roll

Scallion and yellow tail
$9.35   JB Roll

Salmon, Cream cheese
$8.75   Kampi Roll

Tuna, cream cheese, Avocado and Smelt Roe
Kentucky Roll

Chicken tempura, shallot, teriyaki sauce, topped with spicy orange sauce & sesame
$9.85   Mexican Roll

Shrimp tempura, lettuce, avocado, spicy mayo, sesame, smelt roe & eel Sauce
$12.05   Philly Roll

Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, scallion
Rainbow Roll

California roll topped with Tuna, White Tuna, Yellow Tail and Salmon
$12.05   Salmon Roll

Salmon and seaweed
$8.75   Salmon Skin Roll

Salmon Tempura Roll

Topped with spicy mayo
$9.85   Shrimp Killer Roll

Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, topped with shrimp, American cheese, smelt roe & yum yum sauce
$11.55   Shrimp Tempura Roll

Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado cucumber, tempra flake, spicy mayo, eel sauce & scallion
Spicy Conch Roll

$8.25   Spicy Octopus Roll

$7.15   Spicy Scallop Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll

Spicy tuna with scallion and avocado
$7.65   Spider Roll

Tempura soft shell crab, smelt roe, avocado, scallion, topped with eel sauce & sesame
$13.15   Sweet Potato Roll

Sweet potato tempura and avocado topped with black white sesame
Tampa Roll

White fish tempura, spicy mayo, cucumber, smelt roe
$8.75   Tempura Bagel Roll

Salmon, avocado, cream cheese topped with spicy mayo, sesame and eel sauce
$10.95   Tuna Roll

Tuna and seaweed
Tuna Tempura Roll

Topped with spicy mayo
$9.85   Vegetable Roll

Avocado, Carrot, Cucumber and Kanpyo
House Roll
Aquarium Roll

Crab salad, shrimp, cucumber topped with yellow tail, salmon and Tuna with spicy mayo
$13.15   Cherry Blossom Roll

Avocado, smelt roe (fish egg), salmon topped with tuna and salmon
$12.05   Coconuttsu Roll

Asparagus, avocado, cucumber, topped with tuna and coconut flake and black sesame, mango sauce and spicy sauce
Dragon Eye Roll

Shrimp tempura, crabstick, cream cheese, cucumber topped with spicy tuna and spicy mango sauce
$12.65   Full Moon Roll

Coconut shrimp tempura, cream cheese, spring mix, inside out with mango, sesame, avocado and peacan
$12.05   Gator Roll

Soft shell crab, scallion, smelt roe, asparagus, topped with salmon and oishi sauce
Giant Spider Roll

Soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, spring mix, topped with torched salmon ginger-scallion miso with ponzu sauce and mango sauce
$15.35   Hawaii Roll

Shrimp tempura, crabstick, avocado & mix springs inside out with mango salsa top with pecan nuts
$12.05   Hollywood Roll

Shrimp, avocado, masago, topped with yellowtail, cilantro, olive oil in ponzu sauce
Honolulu Roll

Tempura shrimp, spicy snow crab delight, cucumber, avocado, mango and crunchy coconut flake, spicy mayo wrapped with seaweed hand rolls
$12.05   Madness Roll

Spicy salmon, avocado topped with torched miso salmon, jalapeno masago and eel sauce
$11.55   Ninja Roll

Salmon, white tuna, cream cheese, avocado, lightly battered deep fried topped with oishi sauce and spicy mayo
No Name Roll

Shrimp tempura, avocado topped with tuna
$11.55   Red Dragon Roll

Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber topped with spicy tuna, sesame scallion & smelt roe (fish egg)
$12.05   Surf & Turf Roll

Crab stick, cilantro, masago asparagus topped with torched rare tenderloin beef, jalapeno and sweet chili sauce
Sushi Zone Roll

Salmon, seaweed, crab stick, topped with spicy mayo, smelt roe & scallion
$10.95   The Office Roll

Tuna & fried curly sweet potato, snow crab delight, avocado, tempura flakes, homemade sauce
$13.15   Three Company Roll

Crab stick, avocado, smelt roe, topped with tuna, avocado & salmon
Tokyo Spring Roll

Crab stick, masago, tuna, spring mix, cucumber, asparagus wrapped with rice paper in ponzu sauce
$12.05   Volcanic Bombs Roll

Spicy scallop, tempura crunch, fish egg, cucumber, topped with tuna tartar and spicy mango sauce
$13.75   Volcano Roll

California roll on topped with baked spicy scallop, crab stick, smelt, scallion & sesame
Wild Hawaiian Roll

Coconut Shrimp tempura, avocado, pineapple chunk, scallion inside out topped with salmon, lemon zest smelt roe and Mango sauce
Specialty Rolls
No substitutions
3 Musketeers

Tuna, yellowtail, salmon, avocado, spring mix topped with sweet chili sauce
$13.75   Cowboy Roll

Seared tenderloin, cheese, crispy onion, mix spring and asparagus topped with tempura flakes, smelt roe & sweet chili sauce
$12.05   Crunchy Couching Roll

Spicy scallop, with tempura cucumber topped with tuna, akura and spicy mayo
Dancing Eel Roll

Crab stick, smelt roe, cucumber, topped with eel, sliced avocado, eel sauce and sesame
$12.10   Double O Roll

Seared lobster with garlic butter, sliced lemon, shrimp tempura, cucumber, shallot, tamago & sesame with citrus soy sauce and sweet chili sauces
$16.45   Fire Fighter Roll

Spicy scallop, cucumber, topped with seared tuna, scallion, sesame, ponzu sauce & sriracha sauce
Fuji Roll

Crunchy spicy tuna, asparagus, topped with tuna and spicy mayo
$14.25   HI-5 Roll

Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado topped with eel, salmon, tempura flake & eel sauce
$13.75   Hurricane Roll

Spicy Octopus, conch, avocado, fish egg, inside roll topped with white tuna and red tuna, onion with spicy mayo and eel sauce on side
Lobster Tail Roll

Crabstick tempura, avocado, cucmber, luttuce, topped with grilled lobster, tempura flake and our homemade sauce
$23.10   Mango Tango Roll

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, mango, avocado, tempura flake topped with fried sweet potato
$13.15   Oishi Roll

Baked spicy scallop, tempura flakes, asparagus, smelt roe topped with snow crab, scallion & oishi sauce with Sriracha Aioli
Paper Cane Roll

Tuna, crab delight, spring mix, cucumber, wrapped with rice paper, sesame aioli, spicy mayo
$12.65   Rock Lava Roll

Spicy Tuna roll topped with baked spicy scallop, sesame, sriracha aioli and pecan with oishi sauce
$12.65   Rolling Stone Roll

Soy paper roll with spring mix, shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, crabstick, radish spicy mayo & ponzu sauce
Sen-Sai Roll

Saba, avocado & cucumber topped with tuna, eel sauce & tempura flakes
$13.15   Sex on the Moon Roll

Cream cheese, asparagus, avocado, eel, shrimp tempura, smelt roe topped with tuna, tempura flakes, eel sauce, spicy mayo, caviar, scallion & sesame
$14.25   Smoky Crunch Roll

Spicy shrimp, cucumber, spring mix, crispy bacon, topped with torched tuna kabachi, avocado & ginger scallion
Snow White Roll

Tempura crabstick, cream cheese, mayo tossed inside out with white tuna topped with tempura flakes an on side with homemade sauce
$12.65   Sunset Roll

Orange chicken, asparagus, and pineaple wrapped with seaweed inside out fresh salmon, black sesame, sesame aioli & aioli & oishi sauce on side
$12.65   The Beach Roll

Spicy scallop, cream cheese, fish roe, asparagus, eel, avocado, topped with white tuna, tempura flake, eel sauce, spicy mayo, scallion and sesame
The Empire Roll

Snow crab delight, cream cheese, cucumber, topped with torched eel and avocado
$13.15   Volcano Freeze Roll

Battered california roll tempura topped with baked spicy scallop & crabstick delight
A La Carte
Baby Octopus Sashimi

$5.23   Conch Sashimi

$4.95   Crab Delight Sashimi

Eel (Unagi)

$7.15   Flying Fish Roe (Tobiko)

$5.45   Ikura & Quail Egg

Masago & Quail Egg

$6.05   Octopus Sashimi

$5.23   Quail Egg

Red Snapper Sashimi

$4.35   Saba (Mackerel) Sashimi

$4.35   Salmon Roe (Ikura) Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi

$4.95   Seared Tuna Sashimi

$5.78   Shrimp Sashimi

Smelt Roe (Masago) Sashimi

$4.35   Smoked Salmon Sashimi

$4.95   Squid Sashimi

Surf Calm Sashimi

$4.95   Sweet Shrimp (Amaebi) Sashimi

$5.78   Tamago (Sweet Egg)

Tobiko Wasabi Sashimi

$4.95   Tuna Sashimi

$5.23   White Tuna Sashimi

Yellow Tail Sashimi

Green tea ice cream

$4.40   Ice cream Tempura

Fried Vanilla Ice cream topped with bread crumb, whipped cream, chocolate, honey and strawberry sauce
****Lunch Specials****
Available (11:30 am to 2:30 pm ONLY) All Lunch specials served with House Salad.
Ramen Noodle Bowl

Fresh egg noodles in Japanese traditional soyu miso soup topped with seaweed, spanich, boiled hard egg, mushroom and bambo.
$9.85   Spicy Kara-Age Teriyaki Bowl

Battered Chicken Thigh Meat with spicy teriyaki sauce top on the rice with carrot, onion, and green onion.
$10.45   Yaki Soba

Choice of Beef or Chicken with stir fried egg noodles, with Japanese soy sauce and vegetables.
Yaki Udon

Choice of beef or chicken with stir fried noodle, homemade stir-fried sauce and assorted vegetables.
$9.85   Yaki-Niku rice bowl

Pan-Seared sliced beef tender with onion, carrot and broccoli with Japanese homemade stir fried sauce
$10.45   Yaki-Tori Rice Bowl

Seared Chicken Cutlet, pan fried with egg, onion and ginger in a homemade traditional sauce
Lunch Appetizers
11:30 am to 2:30pm Monday through Friday ONLY.
Bacon Asparagus Maki

Pan seared, thinly bacon wrapped asparagus glazed with teriyaki sauce
$9.35   Chicken Kara-Age

Crispy chicken thigh nugget served with Ponzu sauce
$7.15   Edamame

Boiled and slightly salted soy beans
Shrimp Tempura App

Lightly battered shrimp with traditional homemade dipping sauce
$9.35   Tuna Tartar Wonton

Diced rare Tuna glazed with olive oil, wasabi, red pepper, avocado, jalapeno and Citrus-Lime sauce onto crispy wonton
$10.95   Tuna Tataki

Thinly sliced rare Tuna marinated with black pepper served with Ponzu sauce
Yakitori Skewer

Bite sized piece of chicken thigh broiled onto a skewer with teriyaki sauce.
Bottle Water (12 Pack)

$8.99   Bottle Water (6 Pack)

$4.99   Bottle Water (Single)

Diet Pepsi (12 Pack)

$8.99   Diet Pepsi (6 Pack)

$4.99   Diet Pepsi (Can)

Mist Twist (12 Pack)

$8.99   Mist Twist (6 Pack)

$4.99   Mist Twist (Can)

Mountain Dew (12 Pack)

$8.99   Mountain Dew (6 Pack)

$4.99   Mountain Dew (Can)

Pepsi (12 Pack)

$8.99   Pepsi (6 Pack)

$4.99   Pepsi (Can)

10LB Bag of Ice

$3.75   Cups

$0.15   DSD Special


$0.15   Serving Spoon

$0.50   Utensil Packet

Lunch Hibachi
Available only M-F
Hibachi lunch portions are served with mix vegetables, fried rice, salad and Miso soup
Chicken Hibachi
Available only M-F

$13.75   Shrimp Hibachi
Available only M-F

$15.95   Steak Hibachi
Available only M-F

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